Growrite Sri Lanka

In 2000 Euro Substrates (PVT) Ltd. was established in Sri Lanka by the Van der Knaap Group. Euro Substrates is at the centre of the coco activities within the Van der Knaap Group. Euro Substrates oversees the production and sale of a wide range of coco peat products including coco peat raw materials for mixing through potting soils and ready-to-use coco substrates. The success of Forteco coco slabs caused the demand for these products to increase. In 2006 Growrite Sri Lanka went into production; our first production facility which is fully equipped for the production of high quality coco peat products. Under the name Growrite Substrates (PVT) Ltd. this plant produces coco products such as coco slabs, discs, propagation cubes and home packs.

Each production facility has a quality department to ensure that products manufactured by Euro Substrates and Growrite Sri Lanka are of high quality. These are closely monitored by our quality department in the Netherlands. Both raw materials and end products are extensively checked and tested.

The products produced by Euro Substrates and Growrite Sri Lanka are made from coco peat, which is recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Both companies are participants in the UN Global Compact initiative. Social projects have been carried out in and around the factories since 2002 under the name ‘beyond the bottom line’. Most of these projects are centred around children, health care, emancipation of women, schooling and housing. In 2013 the SA 8000 certificate will be introduced, which is the standard for good working conditions.