Growrite Dominican Republic

In 2009 the Van der Knaap Group’s coco production facility in the Dominican Republic went into production. Under the name Growrite DR S.R.L., it produces a high quality coco product called Coco Crunch.

The high quality of this product refers to both its physical and the chemical composition. Coco Crunch is an airy coco raw material ideal for mixing through potting soil mixes for pot plants, cut flowers, shrubs and trees. Coco Crunch increases the air and drainage capacities of the potting soil mix.

To ensure that products manufactured by Growrite are of high quality, the facility has a quality department which is closely monitored by our quality department in the Netherlands.

The products produced by Growrite DR S.R.L.  are made from coco peat, which is recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.