Planet, people and profit
At the Van der Knaap Group we like to contribute to the society in which we operate as well as continuing to develop our company.

Firstly, we do this by working with organic, environmentally friendly raw materials such as peat and coco peat. Coco peat is made from coconut. The inner nut is used for manufacturing consumer goods, animal feed and charcoal. The outer husk of the coconut we use for our substrates. The different types of coarse substrate are produced chopping up the husk. For the fines substrates we use coir, a by-product of the fibre industry. This way, the entire coconut is used for production and nothing goes to waste. And since a mature coconut palm produces new nuts continuously, coco peat is a completely renewable raw material. Moreover, coco peat can be recycled. The used material can be reprocessed into raw material for soil improvement and potting soils. We reduce CO2 emissions due to shipping by ensuring that all products are transported dry and five times compressed.

We invest in local projects in the countries in which we manufacture our products , such as renovating schools and houses. Our employees are given hot meals and tea every day, health insurance and a good salary. Child labour is not tolerated under any circumstances. The production facilities of the Van der Knaap Group have been involved in the UN Global Compact initiative, a network of companies dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, since 2008.