Test center ‘de Kas’

In 2006, we opened our own 'de Kas' test centre, which houses our Quality and Research & Development Departments. The departments have an extensive laboratory and several greenhouse compartments used for cultivation testing. In addition, we have created a comfortable meeting area where we hold informative meetings for both customers and growers associations.

Research & Development
Our Research & Development Department is housed in 'de Kas'. This department is continuously working on optimizing our existing products and developing new products. Many of our products are developed in close collaboration with growers and growers' associations. Ranging from improvements to potting soil mixes and substrates to completely new products, we have the best solution for nearly all crops and cultivation phases.

In 'de Kas' we provide research and testing services for third parties in our own laboratory and greenhouse. For instance:

  • Limited and extensive physical research
  • Limited chemical research
  • Extensive chemical research by external laboratories
  • Sieving analyses
  • Weed testing
  • Substrate testing
  • Specific cultivation testing